Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm coming back to the blogging world...with that said I am attempting to redo my blog. Never done this alone!! Wish me luck!! :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My husband and I bought Roxie when she was 3 months old. she was still like a child to us. Here is a picture of when we first got her:

And her is one of her from last winter:

She was my husbands dog and man did he love her. Anyone that has actually met the 2 of them can vouch for that! But we are sad to say that when we moved to Germany we have had MAJOR issues getting her here with us. My husband mad the heart wrenching decision to give her to a family friend. We know she will be very well taken care of, its just sad. My husband is pretty hurt by this so I have decided to get him a new dog. He always said after Roxie is gone I want to get a English Bulldog, I personally think they are pretty ugly dogs. But its not for me! I found a lady that is selling them and I am getting the dog tomorrow or thursday but I can't decide on which one. Please help!!! sorry the image is small thats how the lady sent them and I have no idea how to enlarge without making them blurry.

He doesn't know we are getting one, I want to surprise him!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Fever

A while back I wrote that I went to the doctor because my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying to have a baby, but I was concerned because I am very irregular. Well, after a quick blood test we found out we do have a issue. I have been diagnosed with something called Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Which, basically mean I have high blood sugar and testosterone levels in my body causing me to have little to no ovulation's a year. I have a doctors appointment on the economy here in a few weeks to find out if I have cysts on my ovaries or not, either way PCOS is not curable but is treatable. Right now I am on some pills to regulate my sugar levels which is supposed to cause my periods to start, but no luck so far. I am pretty heart broken, I really want a baby. My husband is deploying next June so when we decided to start trying he would have been here for the first 4 months or so of the babys life then been deployed. Well now 3 months later he probably wouldnt be here for the birth! Now I'm scared to even go through with it! But I still really want to have a baby and I don't think I want to wait until he gets back!!! We have been through so much in the last few months and I really don't want to give up on having a baby quite yet. The next step is taking Clomid, which will help make my eggs larger and more frequent....which gives me the possibility of TWINS!! Oh my! Wish me luck. :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Domestic Violence

I grew up around domestic violence and I don't remember much about my life before I was 15 years old, I blocked it out, for good reason though. I just dont get it! I don't get why women stay with a man who beats her. Why do you want to put makeup on or wear glasses to cover your bruises? Why do you want to make excuses for him? Why? Whats worse is the mothers that allow there husbands to beat the living crap out of them while there child is watching, learning and thinking this is how it is, this is how I will be treated or will treat some one some day. Don't you want to be your self, make mistakes and know that your husbands just going to laugh and say "oh hunny" instead of fearing where and when hes going to lash out at you next. I just got some new neighbors and they only got married because she got pregnant and figured a baby can make everything okay and they will make it work. This may work sometimes but not always. They fight constantly! He blew threw all there money on booze and hotel rooms before her and her son moved out to Germany. He was OBVIOUSLY cheating on her, and she knows it! Yet, shes still with him. If she say no to XXX then he forces her, pins her down and does his thing, she has bruises from him pinning her down! Can you believe that?!?! Her way of dealing with all this is to cut everything out of his life, no drinking (okay I can see this), no smoking, no fun! She has cut everything out of his life and is controlling every move he makes. Of course he is going to sneak around and do things behind your back, but then she finds out confronts him and then the fighting begins!! I just do not get it!! I had a friend that her husband was a a** also and would beat her and stuff would he would get drunk and she always made excuses for him, he even pushed me at on point! He had a history of violence and I have never really liked him, but thats besides the point. I will never understand because my husband rarely even yells at me...I have to really push him to even do that! All I can say is I have it good and I LOVE my husband!! Has anyone been a abusive relationship? Does anyone have any advice I can give her? She confides in me and tells me these things but then brings her husband to MY house. Am I just supposed to smile at him and say come on in, when all I want to do is rip him a new one and tell him to get the hell out of my house!

Friday, July 17, 2009


It has been FOREVER since I posted! Not a whole lot has been going on. The last time I posted I was trying to decide what to do, go to my sisters graduation, my besties wedding, or a long overdue honeymoon. Well, shortly after I posted it my amazing little sister myspaced me and told me to take her out the equation and then choose, she said do what I want and that I better show up to her highschool graduation! I talked to my hubby and he told me to go to Carlas wedding. We had a quick and simple wedding so we plan to renew our wedding vows so all of our friends and family can be there to see it and we will just go on our honey moon after that. So, with all that said I went to Carlas wedding! I am very glad that I did. I just got back form the states a few days ago and loved everyminute of being there. I started off by seing the 3 loves of my life Emily, Madilynne, and Kaydence (my neices)! The first weekend was Carlas bachlorette party which was a BLAST, of course not drama free but we had a blast in the end. Then I spent the next couple weeks preparing for the wedding....it was very stressful and reminded me of why I eloped! It was all worth it in the end the wedding was beautiful and the only thing missing was my husband. One thing I did do when I was there was get a tattoo with my little sister and Ashley, I hurt REALLY bad, but I love it! I got Live.Laugh.Love on the top/side of my right foot. Here are some pictures from my trip. Well, my computer wont let me upload very many so heres just a few.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm torn....

My friend Carla is getting married in July, my sister is graduating high school in June of this year, and I want to go on a vacation with my husband at the end of July. I don't know what to do! If I go home to the states I can't go to the graduation and the wedding since they are over a month apart and I can't get that much time off. Whose heart do I break?? My sister or one of my best friends?!?! My husband and I had a last minute wedding and I didn't even have a wedding dress, so we have always wanted to go on a honeymoon and we want to go to Italy or France. We have been saving and finally have the money. So do I give up and put my honey moon on the back burner again? Oh man I don't know! I will feel guilty no matter what I choose! What would you do??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hello, Hello....

It has been forever since I posted!!! Things have been crazy around here. School has been super busy, then I was trying to get a job, the weather has been super nice, and the best part is our stuff came!!! YAY no more cardboard bed....I also decided to have my car sent over here, so I have been studying for the drivers test so I can get my drivers license and drive it when it gets here!! Man, I miss my car. Well, other than that not much has been going on just working out and doing school. Last night I went out with Val and Sigmon and we decided to try Mexican food. It was really, really good. I was surprised since there was veggies in my enchiladas and only like 2 peices of meat and my chips and sour cream wasnt like home at all, but it was all really good!! We went to Loco's in Weiden...mmmm.....yummy! Oh my I almost forgot on our way home there were like seriously a million HUGE toads that looked like they wanted to lick our faces off!!! Then we I got home I was taking the dog out and a GIANT toad jumped at me and actually tried to lick my face off!! I screamed at the top of my lungs as it crushed one of my flowers in my garden that I just finished making pretty the other day. I made my husband stand in the door way till the dog was done! Let me make a list of all the things I miss from the states:

1. "Excuse me" I'm not saying we don't have rude people at home, after all I am from the Seattle area! But man are some of these Germans rude!

2. Tims Cascade jalapeno chips

3. Bug Spray...there are ants and flippen spiders every where!! Why can't I spray and kill them?

4. Being able to wash a large load of laundry

5. Being able to wash a large load of dishes

6. Driving my car!!

7. Being able to read a sign

8. Stopping for directions...I wish I spoke German

9. Being able to cross the street (walking) without fearing my life

10. Being yelled at by someone and understanding what the heck I did wrong

11. Not having to play charades everytime I need something and we can't understand eachother

12. Weed killer

I'm sure theres more but I can't think!! I will write a list of my loves later...I have ALOT of those. :) But I have a TON of homework to do!